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"The Healium Way DOES work!"

                    - Darrell Ortiz

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That can help transform your life!


My Story

Jim Peera’s The Healium Way casts a kaleidoscopic lens on our troubled times and accomplishes the extraordinary — not only does Jim deliver original views and captivating personal stories to bolster them, he offers soulful, art-based solutions to heal our emotional wounds while pointing the way to a better tomorrow in our deeply divided nation.”

                               — Larry O’Connor, author of Tip of the Iceberg


Most of you probably know me as the creator and director of Healium Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  But there's a lot more to me than my love and passion for the creative & healing arts. I'm a multifaceted and unconventional mover and shaker who has lived an extraordinary life without excuses or regrets. And I want my story to inspire you to do the same on your own individual path.

A MEMOIR: As an American-immigrant from Africa, my life has not been a bowl of cherries, but I've lived it on my own terms, by thinking out of the box and deploying creative methods to survive and thrive. So the first part of the book is overweighted as a memoir of my life's adventures. These personal tales are gripping, sensational and jaw-dropping .

A SELF-HELP GUIDE:  Since I love to help people become the best versions of themselves, it's important that I share some lessons and Principles from our Center. For almost seven years, thousands of ordinary people came to us from all walks of life and many transformed into extraordinary beings by staying authentic and activating their inner creative medicine. The Healium Way is therefore a pragmatic self-help guide for attaining a more healed, fun and balanced life - immaterial of  any artistic training or belief system.  

A PEACE PLAN FOR AMERICA: Lastly, I could not write a book without addressing the divisional and toxic state of America today. Having lived in my adopted country for over four decades, it pains me to see a society that has eroded its core values and misplaced its priorities to such detriment. I offer you my creative and inventive solutions to repairing our profit-over-people and fear-based imbalances -- for a renewed America. The Healium Way is an exciting two-part interactive body of work that is dedicated to American adults who are seeking to reactivate their higher power by pointing to themselves as the solution. If this is you, this book is for you - and I thank you in advance for our joint mission to make a difference for ourselves, our society and the world as a whole.

Peace, love and joy!

        Jim Peera  



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